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Hello everyone! My name is Winnie.
I'm Taiwanese.
I can teach you both traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese characters.

I've been teaching Mandarin for almost three years.
Learning language requires four skills, there are reading,speaking,listening and writing.
But speaking and listening are the most important skills. Because we need to understand what the people said,and let them understand what are we want to sharing. 

If you're just starting learning Mandarin,don’t worry, we can try any interesting materials and level up your Mandarin. 
During my class we can choose any topic that you are interested in. 
I will use PowerPoint for you during the lesson, it may easier to understand. 

If you have any problems,don’t worry , feel free to contact me. 
Okay,if you want to polish your Mandarin proficiency, start your Mandarin journey with me. 


Hope to see you soon. : )

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