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My name is Zia and I am a friendly and patient native English speaker with 5 years English teaching experience in Japan, Chile, and now Australia. 

I lived and worked in Japan for about 2 1/2 years and loved it. I also enjoyed learning about Japanese culture and meeting new people so I look forward to meeting you too! 

Now I live in Sydney as a translator and English teacher. I also have a degree in Communications and a CELTA qualification. 

My hobbies are watching movies, learning new languages and travelling. Nara and Kyoto are my favourite places in Japan. 

If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student and would like to learn English for travel, business or just for conversation I promise my lessons are friendly and enjoyable.

So let's talk, learn from each other and have fun!

Featured Interview

Q. Hi Zia, would you like to give us a short self-introduction. A. Sure! I’m an Australian English Second Language (ESL) teacher and I also love to travel. I’m planning my next trip with my fiancé at the moment as we are addicted to it. Q. Which part of Australia do you live in? Could you tell me about your town? A. I live in Sydney now because my partner lives here. Sydney harbour is pretty spec...

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