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Has anyone ever called you 'an early bird?  Here are some example sentences for this common i...
Published 29 May, 2014 | View: 2634
If you haven't already met her, this is my teaching assistant, Lily. She has been known to help me...
In this post I will focus on some interesting vocabulary in a news article (I have chosen 9 words/p...
Published 2 Nov, 2013 | View: 2571
Obsolete (ˈɒbsəliːt) You can listen to the pronunciation here. Obsolete means out-of-date or...
Published 31 Oct, 2013 | View: 2429
Vagaries (ˈveɪɡəriz) You can listen to the pronunciation here. Vagaries are unpredictable or u...

General Notices

Sara.TEFL Tutor Profile


I started teaching English casually, to friends and acquaintances, about eight years ago.  While helping them out, I discovered I loved teaching.  I decided to make it my full-time job about four years ago, after gaining my TEFL certificate, and I teach one-to-one both on and offline.  

My other certificates include a Cambridge English Teachers Grammar Course, Teaching Young Learners and Teaching with Limited Resources. 

I have taught learners of all levels, including children, in a variety of different environments.

My lessons make use of lots of different materials, such as videos, audio recordings, songs, articles and textbooks, so we can build all your skills.  I have experience helping students prepare for the IELTS exam as well as others, and I also offer an essay correction service if writing is your main focus.

I understand the challenges my students face because I have recently started learning French myself after several years without studying it!

My interests outside of teaching include animals (I live with two dogs and a cat), making jewellery, politics and current affairs.  

General Information About My Classes

My 'Quick Hit' series of classes consist of 15-minute sessions for students on the go!  If you'd like to practise English in your lunch break, when you get to the office early or any time you have a short window in your schedule, they're for you.  You can take a conversation class or boost your vocabulary in just 15 minutes a day!

I also offer lots of IELTS preparation classes: I have been helping people prepare for this exam for several years and I can help you too. :)

'English with British Culture' is brilliant for students who have an interest in the UK, or who are planning to come here for work and study.  Through a series of mostly video-based lessons, you'll be introduced to British idioms, attitudes and celebrated people.

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