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Karen Almeida Tutor Profile

Hello there! My name is Karen and I’m a native English tutor. I have 10 years of experience working with English learners of all ages. Besides English, I speak Portuguese and a little of Spanish. This means that I can easily anticipate and solve problems latin students usually experience when learning a foreign language. I would be honored to help you with speaking, correct your pronunciation, or go over grammar lessons with you. Don't worry if you think your grammar isn't great. You don't have to feel nervous. Learning a language should be fun.

I specialize in:

• General Conversation (Free Talking, American Slang, Idioms, etc)
• Business Conversation and Etiquette
• Job Interview Preparation
• Resume or CV Restructuring (Proofreading & Revisions)
• Pronunciation
• English Grammar
• Accent Reduction
• Social Issues/ Current Event Topics
• Writing (University Applications, Essays, Research Papers, etc)
• Academic Preparation and Study Assistance

Now I would like to talk a little bit about my lessons.

Continuation is the key to raising your English skills. However, it may be hard to notice an improvement if you only take lessons once or twice a week. My lessons specialize in offering total support for English improvement. What I offer doesn’t stop at just the lessons. I will also offer you advice and plans on how to give yourself practical training at home. If you are in an environment where you wouldn’t normally use English, it is crucial to think of an effective plan and an effective way to keep on training. Your language skills won’t improve immediately, but you can get completely different results in the same amount of time depending on how effectively you study. I want everyone to improve as quickly as possible! Therefore, I try to set up my lessons in a way that will help you reach this goal. I hope my lessons, study plans, and training ideas help you improve your English skills.

I offer courses for different levels.

In any of these courses, you will first learn how to express yourself properly in English and talk about yourself (for example your job, hobbies, family, etc.) through training (English writing, speaking practice). After that, we will build up your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and intonation, listening, and speaking skills. I work very hard to offer each and every one of you lessons that fit your individual level and address your weak points. The curriculum and contents of each course are based on the study methods I have constructed.

Since I understand that every student learns in different ways, I do not use the same lesson plan for all of my students. I create custom-tailored lessons to meet each student's exact needs based upon their English comprehension and proficiency levels by assisting them in the areas that they would like to experience and see improvement the most.

It does not matter if you are at a beginner level or are more advanced. I can help ALL students improve their English. Let's start learning English together!

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