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Ueno Tutor Profile

Hello, everyone!

I’m Daijiro Ueno: a 29-year-old Japanese man teaching Japanese for more than 9 years.


•About myself meet the world in Japan

was born and raised in Japan, immersed and surrounded by Japanese customs that have been mixing the two contrary concepts: tradition and technology. I could see evidence of this pretty much everywhere in the country, from a splendid, old Japanese castle in my city, to innumerable geometric buildings in central Tokyo where the people bask in neons all nights.

— My adolescent playground (left) / Shinjuku, where I used to work (right)* —

*Copyright belongs to Joshua Mellin

Despite the fact that I’m 100% Japanese and I’ve grown up in Japan, the origins of my interests are mostly found in western countries, such as the U.S.: the country boasting their outstanding Hollywood movies to the cynical contemporary art on the backstreets, Ancient Greek/Rome: the stage of the spectacular heroics to the poignant tragedies spreading out from their mythology and philosophy, Germany and Austria: great classical-music composers’ birthplaces that witnessed their ascendance, the UK: another birthplace of another pack of musicians who have immensely contributed to raise the empowerments of the young, most notably by the Beatles: my biggest motive to have prioritized English as my second language.

    Taught by great Europeans —

For my insatiable curiosity about European countries, I naturally started studying English by myself in order to deepen my knowledge and understanding of them, by interacting with western people on the internet and in person, and then I happened to rediscover many attractions of my own country while listening to their unique interpretations on the cultures; thus two of my occupations, translating and teaching, have been set in course relatively easily.


•What makes a great teacher my point of view

Fortunately, as I’ve taught Japanese essay and English at a cram school for 6 years in Japan, I could have great opportunities to study not only teaching but also coaching, through numerous in-school meetings in which we’ve dedicated much of our free-time to discuss how our school should be and what we could do to achieve our studentsdreams, which occasionally lasted whole night, literally 10pm to 7am.

I kept the methods and techniques that I’ve acquired in the school, bringing them to online teaching as massively important measures, conducting lessons based on coaching and teaching, with mutual communication where both of us speak, ask, and listen to each other.


    ひらがな (Hiragana): 1 of the 3 distinct characters in Japanese —


As for my personality, I would describe myself as a patient, flexible, supportive, professional, and open-minded person who never leaves students alone and always by their sides especially when they are stuck on the way and in need of help.

What I strongly believe regarding language studying is that to learn a language efficiently, the learner must be feeling comfortable whenever working on his/her subjects, and the classes must be optimised for the student; thus study regimes can be tailored for a specific student's needs, which will provide stability and motivation for them.

However, as previously mentioned, what/how we learn Japanese during my classes is largely dependent on the student’s way of study; therefore, at the very beginning I’d like to discuss about the ideal lesson course for you, and then we will be able to have classes, which might be just casual and free-style chatting with no homework, or a little more serious and challenging grammar classes that require much of your endeavor.


    漢字 (Kanji): another Japanese characters originated in China —


•Available courses casual / formal/ business

I’m capable of teaching any kind of Japanese such as the casual, formal, and business languages, all of which are used in each proper situation. Beginners are most likely to learn the formal language, while also learning a little of the casual one as it’s needed to understand furthermore about the language.

Casual course — for casual learners

You can hear the casual language in Japanese especially among close friends. If you are just interested in, or if you are already at an intermediate level in Japanese and wish to build good relationships with Japanese people, then you can always try to learn this language.

> Keywords: fun, role-play, chatting, slangs, easy-going, vocabulary, conversation-based

Formal course — for everyone

          This is the most-spoken register in Japan, which every beginner is supposed to learn first. In any occasion, particularly when you meet elderly people, sounding formal is the safest option, except for there are a few mismatches found in business opportunities.

> Keywords: fun, role-play, communication, writing, reading, grammar, long-term

Business course — for upper intermediate to proficient speakers

          If you wish to be working at a Japanese company in Japan, unless your profession does not belong in specific fields such as art, athletics, hacker and whatever, smooth deals and good relations with your clients or co-workers depend on the formality and certainty of your Japanese. Passing JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) N2 is preferred to try this course.

> Keywords: manners, e-mail, job interview, presentation, in-office conversation, attitude

!!! Old Japanese will be an exception that I’m unable to teach; therefore, if you wish to be fully focusing on it, I’m afraid that I can teach only little in scope of my knowledge.

*Please be advised that the courses above are just examples and may be changed depending on what we discuss about in “Free consultation” course.



Thank you for reading and I hope I can meet you in “Free Consultation” (in the lesson list right under my profile).



 — One scene in my neighborhood (just to point out, the house isn’t mine) —


*****Below as a reference I’d like to provide somewhat more information about myself. It only gives the details that may help you regard mr personality before taking Free Consultation.


    Master’s degree in telecommunication and information engineering (2015)

My career

    Taught English and Japanese essay at a cram school for 6 years.

    Tutor of the aforementioned subjects at students’ houses for 1 year.

    Translator and English proof-reader at a company in Tokyo for 1 year.

    Teaching both languages and coaching students via skype for 3 years.

I’m currently a freelance worker who’s engaged in translating, English proofreading, and teaching.

What I do now

I’m living in a small town in Finland since 2018, enjoying walking around a forestnearby my house, writing English poems and other writings. I’m planning to go back home in a few years, but until then I’d like to have nice time with you and my dogs. :)

My Interests



Classical, Rock/Pop, film, gaming music, playing the guitar and the piano, composing songs.



Poetry, essay, anything written beautifully.



Kubrick, Kurosawa, and Scorsese are my favorite directors.



Visited 40 out of 47 prefectures in Japan, as well as Germany, the UK, going to visit Sweden in March.



Car (used to be an owner of Nissan, Mazda, and Daihatsu)

Motorcycle (Yamaha, 2 Honda, 2 Kawasaki, and 2 Ducati)

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