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My name is Dorota. I live in St Albans - 20 minutes by train from London.

I taught General English for 5 years to teenagers (16+) and adults in a classroom environment helping them to develop all four skills with a special focus on spoken English. I also worked as a tutor helping students to prepare for IELTS and professionals in mastering spoken English in a business context. I combine teaching experience with over 15 year work for publishing corporations: Pearson, Elsevier and Cengage Learning. I also worked for education technology start-ups. Currently, I offer consulting to publishers, start-ups and assessment bodies.

  • MA in Applied Linguistics from Warsaw University, specialisation in ESP (English for Specific Purposes) - Business and Academic English 
  • MBA from Imperial College London
What will I bring in addition to teaching experience?
  • First-hand experience of working in British and American corporate environment 
  • Insights into the skills required in an international study place and global workplace 
  • Understanding of learners’ needs and challenges in the context of global workplace and business communication
My lessons

I use various teaching methods depending on learners’ needs and their learning styles.

I would like to offer Business English lessons from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced levels and help you build strong business and communication skills.

Materials will include business-related articles, reports, grammar sheets and various multimedia resources.

Structure: I would like you to do some pre-reading before a lesson to use most of our time for speaking & discussion. We will also work on pronunciation and some time will be devoted to grammar. You will be also given a short writing assignment to complete after the lesson.

I do not speak Japanese but I would like to learn the language with time and get more familiar with the Japanese culture.

Let’s get started!

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