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Cris Fielding Tutor Profile

I'm a British Native Teacher with a Degree at a University in Spain, and I've been teaching English to a wide variety of students regarding their level, age, experience and aims, for over 7 years now.

Always adapting to the students needs in terms of Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. During these years, I have mostly specialised in:

-One to one Conversation classes for Adults: Related to different Vocabulary Situations, Role-playing real life situations (Hotels, Airports…) and including different listening extracts with a question or a review for the student to answer.

-Exam preparations: Cambridge oficial examinations such as the First Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Proficiency Certificate, KET and PET. On the other hand, other public exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, APTIS, and so on.

-Group classes: Emphasising on debates, Role-plays, Listenings and different Vocabulary units adapted to the aims of the class.

-Classes for Teenagers: Reinforcement for High school or College students who need to develop English skills in order to improve their mark or Career.

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