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Me llamo Dana. 

I have a degree in Spanish Linguistics and Literature in the University of Salamanca and I'm currently studying a Masters in Traslation.
I have taken courses on Spanish teaching and have some experience teaching it too: I was an exchange student in Dublin and in Kyoto, and I worked part-time as a Spanish teacher those two years.

I'm a student of languages myself as well! I'm currently studying Japanese, so I understand the challenges we all face when learning a new language from the impossibility of not forgetting vocabulary to the distance between knowing a grammatical structure and being able to use it! as well as the rewards.

Regarding my lessons, I believe practice is just as important as theory, and that one should start practicing speaking from the start. I also believe that the progress of the student depends a lot on their own effort. So, if you have the time, we can work harder, but we can also go at a slower pace if that suits you better.

Featured Interview

Q. Hi Dana, why don’t you start with a quick introduction! A. Hi! I’m Dana, from Spain. I’m 25 and currently a postgraduate student. I studied Linguistics and Literature and I’m now specializing in Translation. So, as you can see, I have a big interest in languages; the complexity and perfection of the internal structure of all languages amazes me, but also how each language seems to carry the so...

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