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Who Am I? - A Short Introduction
Hi, my name is Carmen and you can call me Carla for short. I studied psychology and have worked for nonprofit organizations in the educational and legal fields. I've also worked as a call center agent and have been a part-time online virtual assistant and writer.

I have been an English & ESL tutor for Japanese professionals for about a year now and a half now. I also volunteer as an ESL tutor for disadvantaged children from both Bali, Indonesia and the Philippines.

I find Asian culture both really interesting and intriguing and I certainly would want to learn more about its people, their values and way of life.

So, what is a Good Teacher or Tutor to You?

I believe that a good teacher or tutor is a skillful educator and even a friend, and as a human being, he or she must possess a natural curiosity and openess to meet and understand people because this can be your motivation to reach out and encourage learning and improvement from your student.

As an ESL tutor, I have observed that learning a new language is not easy & it can be full of struggles. Therefore, I believe that a good tutor is having the patience to understand and to apply the rigours of developing foreign language competence in students with the use of good and effective materials for learning and teaching. Moreover, a good tutor should also have the ability to create an interactive & customized way of teaching & learning that aims to help the individual gain communication skills that will make him or her successful in achieving goals to improve one's proficiency, comprehension, speaking, listening and even writing skills in English that would hopefully inspire them to use this to be of service to others

Let Me Help You!

As I've mentioned, learning a new language is not always easy. It can be full of struggles and you need to have a lot of practice so that you can speak it well and use it to your advantage. The lessons that I offer seek to help you and to solve this need.

But before we start the lesson proper, any new student should undergo a free grammar/vocabulary assessment with the free trial session/counselling where we will find out one's CEFR level to help us know where we can begin with your English lessons. 

Through your choice of lesson, we will be having an interactive way of learning and teaching that will help you gain communication skills to enable you to be successful in achieving your goals to improve your proficiency, comprehension, speaking, listening and even writing skills in English that would hopefully even inspire you to use this to be of service to others.

So book a lesson with me and together, we'll see how learning a new language can expand our minds.

Thank you and see you in class!


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  • No-Show→ 50% of price charged.

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