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Hi, my name is Julia. I am a NATIVE RUSSIAN speaking teacher from Moscow. 

Just a few words about my background.
I graduated from Far Eastern State University in Vladivostok with major in Japanese. I also studied abroad in Kanazawa State University in Japan, I have my certificate of completion of Japanese course as an evidence of that.

My first experience was to teach English and Japanese to the children aged from 8 to 12 years old, and I did it for about 4 years.Then I stopped teaching and worked in the different fields - tourism, guide work,interpreting. In 2002 I moved to Moscow and worked in Japanese Embassy as a secretary.

I came back to teaching in 2012, when I started to work at one language school in Moscow. I have been teaching since that time, now I do it online via Skype. I think that a language is a code to the culture of people who speak it, and a new foreign language can sometimes change our worldview. I teach both - adults and children, and I can say that I really enjoy it. I have cerificate in teaching Russian as a foreign language from Pushkin State Russian Language Institute.

About my hobbies. I have a lot of hobbies! I love cooking, making natural cosmetics (especially soap), travelling to Italy and other countries and learning foreign languages.

When I travel, I like to learn about different cultures and make travel sketches ( you can see some of them below)

I can say about myself that I am really an art person. I also paint by myself, I studied design and art history, and when I teach languages I always try to do it with a focus on culture.

About my lessons. I like to use a lot of video materials at my lessons especially for pre-intermediate and intermediate level students. I think that videos and films can help to create enjoyable atmosphere and present language in a fun and memorable way. My lessons vary on each individual person, I try to cater to each person's needs. I love teaching Russian, English and Japanese and I will be happy to meet you at my lessons.

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