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Nice to meet you! I went to Germany without studying a word of German. I spent every single day not understanding what people were saying to me and not being able to express my thoughts, and it was really tough. After working as hard as I could every day, after one year I could understand what native speakers were saying and express my thoughts without stressing out. Now, I am currently working alongside German people, giving presentations in German at academic conferences, and I can get by in German without any problems whether at work or in my private life. 

Since I have experience learning how Japanese people go about mastering German, I would like to share those successful methods in my lessons. 

  • I want to learn about German culture!
  • I want to speak German on vacation!
  • I want to master survival German for life in Germany!
  • I want to talk to and exchange emails with my German friends!
  • I want to learn German that I can use at work!

Everyone has their different reasons for studying German. I will customize these lessons to meet your goals, whether you want to have fun studying at your own pace, or study intensively to get a firm grasp on the language. To help you meet your goals, I will also introduce ways to study and help you think of a study plan. 

Why it's important to learn phrases that native speakers commonly use

If you translate directly from Japanese, you will end up using phrases that sound awkward. Therefore, during the speaking lessons, we will focus on how native speakers express what we say in Japanese. When it comes to hearing, even if you can't understand it word for word, you can still make an educated guess based on the situation and the vocabulary that you already know. In other words, how many familiar words and phrases there are in a sentence is important, and if you master the expressions that native speakers use commonly, your hearing ability will increase remarkably. 

Lesson Progression

During the lessons, you will not only be gaining knowledge, but also putting it into use. If you learned a phrase once, we will review it as soon as you start forgetting it. We will do this several times until the vocabulary and phrases come naturally. 

About Me

I came to Germany after getting a PhD in electrical and electronic engineering in Japan. Currently I am working as a researcher in the bioengineering field at a university in Germany. I teach Japanese to German university students. 

English Translation: 7/4/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 

Featured Interview

Q. Shoko先生こんにちは!今住んでいるドイツの街はどんなところですか? A. 私が働いている大学はドイツ西部のベルギー、オランダ、ドイツ、3ヶ国の国境付近に位置するアーヘンという町にあります。フランスのパリまで特急電車で3時間ほどで行くことができます。街の中心部には温泉が出ている広場があり、そこではアーヘンを訪れた有名人の名前が刻まれたプレートを見ることができます。また、宮殿の礼拝堂として建てられたアーヘン大聖堂も町のシンボルの一つです。アーヘンも他のドイツの都市のように第二次世界大戦でその多くが破壊され、建物の修復、再建が行われました。伝統的な空間と新しく作られた空間が楽しめるドイツの中でも私が好きな都市の一つです。 Q. 現在は、現地の大学で研究員をしているそうですが、ドイツに行ったきっかけを教えてください。 A. 大学時代ロサンゼルスに旅行に行ったときに初めて海外の友達ができ...

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