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伊藤康博(パパさんpianist) Tutor Profile

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Thank you so much everyone!
Thanks to you we have received the Good Feedback Award for Cafetalk’s Summer 2014 Awesome Lesson Awards. We are so honored and happy to have been named Cafetalk’s number 1 piano teacher. However, we will not let this get to our heads and continue to do our best to offer great lessons to you.

By the way, this is the lesson we won the Good Feedback Award for!

At last, a new door has opened!

We are Yasuhiro and Miki Ito and we teach Cafetalk Online Piano Lessons.

※To read student reporter Kanon’s blog about our lessons, please click here (Japanese only)
※To read student reporter Soramin’s blog about our lessons, please clickhere (Japanese only)

We began teaching online piano lessons here on March 4th and in the 9 months that have passed, not only have we received requests from students all over Japan (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Kansai,Chugoku, Kyushu, etc.) but also from students who live abroad (the UK, the US, Canada, Singapore, etc.) and we currently teach toddlers to students in their 70’s.

We’re sure that in the beginning, those students were also thinking “What?!! I can take piano lessons at this low price?? And online!?” and are happy to say that we think their continuous requests are proof that you can!! That’s right, the door is finally open. 

We really appreciate the continuous requests we receive from our students and want to say thank you the bottom of our hearts.

In this day and age, you can learn how to play piano without going to a music school.
We want to help spread the joy of piano throughout Japan and throughout the world.
We are both specialists who have graduated from music colleges and have been teaching for 25 years. We will work very hard to offer you the best lessons! ※When making a request, please list as many time slots as possible.

Please let us introduce the characteristics of our online piano lessons (if you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message).
  • instructors are specialists who have graduated from Toho Gakuen School of Music and Tokyo College of Music 
  • offering online lessons of the same high quality as lessons offered at music schools 
  • reasonably priced, absolutely no extra lesson fees such as initiation fees (however, you are responsible for your own sheet music) 
  • lesson days are not set in stone so you can take as many lessons whenever is convenient for you 
  • from the variety of courses available, you can choose a course that best fits your needs 
  • you can request lessons outside of the instructor’s timetable (please consult with us first) 
  • since you are taking lessons at home, you don’t waste any time traveling 
  • there are many merits to learning piano (training your muscles) 
  • This is the link to our music school's homepage for your reference (Japanese only)
※Our available times slots are updated frequently, but are not necessarily the only times you can take lessons, so please feel free to ask if you would like to request an alternative time. 

【Yasuhiro Ito’s Profile】

Graduated from Toho Gakuen School of Music, Department: Music, Major: Piano During high school, won the piano category of Nagasaki Prefecture’s High School Music Competition three years in a row (the first competitor to ever do so). Special performances in high school music festivals all over Kyushu. After graduating college, passed western Japan’s Newcomer Audition.

Performing as a pianist in recitals, an orchestra in his hometown, and in the Maritime Self Defense Force’s Band. Received high praise for performances of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concert No. 1 and Grieg’s Piano Concerto, and was eventually broadcasted on cable television. Also has an established reputation as an accompanist for chamber music and vocal music and won the accompaniment award at the Kitakyushu Art Festival. Has taught many piano students who have gone on to attend music conservatories, won competitions, and won awards, and has also been on the judging panel at competitions. Also focuses his efforts on spreading piano education through creating learning material.

In recent years, he has been actively performing and acting as chairman of R.M.S Music Academy all while giving lectures working as a radio personality on Community FM’s(Happy FM)classical music show “Classical Prescription” (Internet Broadcast)He is also active in other forms of media.
In 2012 he became the chairman of the executive committee for a new cultural festival called “Sasebo Culture Week.” He collaborates with administration personnel as well as training talent in a variety of genres.

He currently holds the following positions: RMS Music Academy Representative, Chairman of NPO SASEBO Musician Promotion Association, Standing Director of Sasebo City Music, Association, Sasebo Cultural Association Board of Directors, part time lecturer at Nagasaki Junior College and Sasebo National College of Technology, Verde Music Competition Judging Panel, Sasebo City Cultural Promotion Committee, Chairman of Sasebo Culture Week Executive Committee. 

【Miki Ito’s Profile】

Graduated from Tokyo College of Music, Department: Music, Major: Vocal Music  Teaches piano and vocal music at RMS Music Academy and is particularly strong at guiding students who plan to continue on to music schools and enter competitions.

Work as a performer: from 2009 to 2010 she was the accompanying pianist for Arkas Sasebo's 10 year anniversary opera “Il matrimonio segreto.

In the same year, she received high praise for directing the choir of Sasebo Children’s Playhouse 40 year anniversary puppet show “Hi no Tori” (original work by Osamu Tezuka).
Several appearances at Nagasaki Junior College’s lifelong education courses. Planning and performing at school concerts for Sasebo City Ainoura Junior High School, Sasebo City Yunoki Junior High School, and Sasebo City Hino Junior High School. Guest performance at Nagasaki Prefectural Matsuura High School’s regular concert.
PTA Chorus, director of district community center festival’s choir. Starting in 2011, worked as a music teacher at Hirado City Chubu Junior High School, Sasebo City Yunoki Junior High School, and Hirado City Hirado Junior High School.

Recently, she has been giving regular concerts at Tsumikibako, a restaurant in Sasebo City.

She currently holds the following positions: RMS Music Academy Instructor, NPO SASEBO Musician Promotion Association Member, Sasebo Culture Week Music Association Member.

English Translation: 12/10/2014 - The Cafetalk Team

Featured Interview

Q. 伊藤先生こんにちは!簡単に自己紹介をお願いします。 A. 皆さんお世話になります、Cafetalkピアノ講師の伊藤康博です。 私は、平成元年に桐朋学園大学音楽学部ピアノ科を卒業しました。(詳細は講師プロフィールをご覧いただけると嬉しいです。) そして、現在は地元佐世保市を拠点に活動しています。 余談ですが、中学の先輩には歌手の前川清さん、高校の先輩には作家の村上龍さん、そして大学の先輩には指揮者の小澤征爾さんをはじめ著名な音楽家が多数いらっしゃいますが、もしかしたら皆さんが一番ご存じなのは“ジャパネットたかた”でしょうか?! Q. 普段の先生について教えてください。 A.平成元年に地元佐世保市に戻り“R.M.S音楽院”という名前のピアノ教室を開校し、今年で26年目に入りました。 教室で月曜日から土曜日まで生徒さんのレッスンを行ってますが、他に2か所学校の方に非常勤講師として勤めてい...

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