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saki.m Tutor Profile

■ Hello!

Hi, Nice to meet you! My name is SAKI.
Welcome and thank you for visiting my page.

I promise to provide lessons according to your purpose, hope and level.

For JLPT, Business Japanese, How to e-mail in Japanese on business situations, Japanese culture, Food, Entertainment, Music, Drama,

Recommended travel destinations, etc...

Please tell me what you want to know and about things that you are interested in!

I'm from Osaka, So I can also teach Kansai-ben (means:Kansai dialect)
if you want. lol

Please enjoy studying Japanese with me :-)
Let's have a fun time together!!

I'm also looking for someone who wants to learn Korean.

■ All about me

I majored in Korean at Foreign Language College.
After graduation I performed general clerical work at a trading company locally in Osaka for two years.

After that, I went to Tokyo, and worked for a cosmetics maker as well as
secretarial / public relations work, and also concurrent interpretation
and translation of Japanese and Korean.

Currently I have returned to Osaka
and I'm working as a director at a recruitment advertising agency.

■ Hobby
―Beauty, Makeup, Travel, Movie appreciation, Taking pictures, Listening to music

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