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Hi everyone! I'm RYOTA! I became a teacher because I love English and I wanted to share it with many people in order to help them broaden their worldview.

What is my secret to learning to speak English? I think having a solid understanding of 3 years worth of middle school English is the key. Let's think of it as memorizing "sentence patterns" instead of "grammar." Then all we have to do is switch in vocabulary! Great, huh? What do you think? (do I sound like a TV show announcer describing a before/after picture? lol). You can start speak fluently starting from tomorrow! Really!

First things first, it's important to conquer your timidness! After overcoming that feeling of embarrassment, my pronunciation became much better in only about a month!

【The merits of learning English with me】
・Out with the difficult stuff! You can become fluent in English by preparing and reviewing for five minutes every day.

With 3 years worth of middle school English, you really can become fluent!

・I will explain the parts you don't understand gently and thoroughly! I will help you realize your long term dreams as an English learner.

English classes taught by native English speakers are also great, but before that, you can learn in a way that won't make you get sick of studying: naturally and slowly with Japanese explanations! Having fun learning is very important!

Additionally, I used to work at a study abroad office, so I can provide counseling support for people who want to study abroad! Let's work hard towards your goal of speaking fluently!

A little bit about me:

I majored in English in college and studied abroad at a university in the US for 1 year, learning psychology. After graduating, I started working at a study abroad agency. Working in the New York branch, I spent every day immersed in English. My personality is...lazy (there are ways to improve your English, even if you are lazy, I can teach you!!) I love communicating with people!

English Translation: 7/21/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 

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