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Hi everyone,

I am currently teaching Japanese in English at the International School in Phuket, Thailand. I had taught Japanese and Korean - Japanese translation & Interpretation in college and graduate school in Korea for over 10 years. After that I've been working as a Japanese & Korean language educator in Phuket.

I have a long history of teaching students so I'm confident that I'll be able to provide an appropriate lectures to all of my students.

In addition, I can give some tips for effective Japanese learning without studying abroad, as I've never studied abroad.

At the beginner and intermediate courses, the classes usually use textbooks(marugoto) and learning materials from web-sites around 50:50. In advanced class, students will use news columns, webtoons, novels and popular culture texts as lesson materials.

Moreover, in intermediate and advanced courses, I would like to use the training technique (shadowing, note taking, sight-translation and terminology search) of the GSIT(Graduate Course for Interpritation & Translation).

The basic plan is the same as above, but I always listen to the learners' requests and reflect on it to the class, so I always welcome your questions and feedback.

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