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John James Tutor Profile

Hi! My name is John and I would love to be your English tutor. I am a native English speaker born and raised in Sacramento, California. I am Filipino/Chinese and currently live in the warm and friendly city of Manila, Philippines.
I moved to Manila to gain more knowledge about my heritage and felt at home ever since. I am a commercial model and indie film actor. I also host corporate events and beauty pageants, mostly spoken in English. I used to own an Airbnb which helped me meet future friends from other countries. 
I love to travel and connect with other human beings from different parts of the world. I've traveled all over Asia, a few countries in Europe, Australia and will be traveling to Russia next month. 
You can catch me reading a book most of the time. I love reading all genres. My other hobbies include going to the beach, camping, art, singing and acting. 

Don't hesitate to approach me as I look forward to be your English tutor! Let's make learning English fun!

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