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Hello,everyone! I'm Yukok.

I am qualified as a Japanese teacher.

I'm an office worker and often talk with clients in business Japanese.On weekends, I teach English to (junior) highschool students at cram school, and also teach Japanese to a foreign student.

Now, I have a dream to be a tour guide in Japan,so I study foreign language everyday like you. Last year, I tried to gain several qualifications,and I achieved some of my goals. Therefore, I think I can give you counsel about the qualification which  you want to gain(like JLPT).
I know how hard learning foreign language is and how fun it is.
I would like to help you students study,learn,use Japanese enjoyablly.

It's ok that you don't know Japanese at all!  I can conduct lessons explaining the meaning in English or type the meaning translated into your language through skype if necessary. 

Anyway, please don't hesitate to use Japanese and contact me!!!

I'm looking forward to talking with you!!!

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