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TAKA_MEL Tutor Profile

Hello, Everyone! I'm Taka! I was born in Osaka, grew up in Kyoto, and now working at a hospital in Australia. I like to talk about medical science. Of course, Culture, Traveling, Music, Sports, and anything okey! If you need, I can follow you up in English, or give you a lecture of Kansai-ben!
About me
・ Born in Osaka and lived in Kyoto for 9 years. Standard Japanese and Kansai-ben are okey.
・ Working at the hospital, and love to talk about Science, especially Medical science.
・ Son of a craftman of Japanese traditional items, so very familiar with Japanese Culture.
・ Have experience to travel most of Japanese prefectures.  
・ Like to enjoy sports and music. Over-15-years experience of drums.
About lessons
Enjoying is the best way to master languages. The more you enjoy, the more your Japanese improve. I offer mainly conversational lessons. Let's talk about anything and enjoy! Of course, I can give lectures of grammar or writing. I also offer lessons specific to Scientific conversation or Kansai-ben convarsation. Let's join! 
Enjoy and learn good Japanese!
(The top picture is when we cheered Naomi Osaka in Australia Open Tennis and she won a championship.) 

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