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Kenta S Tutor Profile

About Me:
Hi there! My name is Kenta, I'm a freelance musician, guitarist, audio engineer, and overall creative person. I was born and raised in California and moved to New York to get my bachelors in music (Jazz Performance). Along the way I spent 2 years abroad in Japan, and now have found myself back in Tokyo to continue creating art while being immersed in a culture that I love!

As a English-Japanese bilingual we can tailor lessons to what's comfortable for you. I've spoken Japanese within my household aslong as I can remember, but I most likely dream in English (haha).

For Students interested in English:
Whether you're interested in improving your day to day conversation skills, understanding modern trends and slang, or getting your prounciation to that native speaker level, I'd love to help you on your journey to achieve fluency in English.

For Students interested in Japanese:
As aforementioned, I'm someone who learned Japanese from use in daily conversation. I have some experience helping teach highschool students learning Japanese and some familiarity with study materials like Genki. I spent 2 years of undergrad. living in Japan so helping you with anything conversation based or fundamental reading and writing is totally up my alley!

For Music Students:
As a music teacher, I've taught all ages and skill levels both privately and for schools. I can help beginners get started with your first chords and for you advanced folk, to shred your favorite solos or improvise some beautiful jazz lines. 

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