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Darya S Tutor Profile

Hello, my future student! Привет!

Who am I?

My name is Darya. I have been living in Russia for 23 years. I've got a bachelor's degree in Applied Linguistics and can speak 4 languages (Russian, English, Spanish, and Czech). I'm a professional English Teacher.

Do you still think that Russia is severe and cold country? I can change your mind over it. On the lessons, we are going to talk about the real side of Russian life (culture, traditions, animals, lifestyle, holidays). I am going to tell you more about this faraway country. 
I have been teaching English to children at school for 5 years. So, I really know how to make our lessons colorful and joyful

The Russian Treasures

I really like Russian ballet. Do you want to see these amazing plays like Swan LakeBayaderka, Nutcracker in the Russian theatre? I advise you to go to Russia and buy tickets. You will remember this play forever. 

What is my favorite season? It's winter! Yeah, I like cold, snow, blizzard and snowstorm. The winter time is one of the most beautiful seasons in Russia. I was born near Siberia. This is why I always admire the snow-covered forest and mountains. Just look at it! 

Have you ever tried traditional Russian food? Pelmeni, vareniki, oladyi, borsch, uha? We have so many delicious dishes that people haven't got in the world. Take a lesson Traditional Russian food to learn more about these fantastic dishes.  

Let's read together?

Do you want to read traditional Russian fairytales, poems or short stories in the original language? I can help you. Take a reading lesson. We will choose a book and read it together. Of course, I will teach you how to read our words and how to pronounce letters. 

My teaching style

I use colorful presentations with animated pictures. I also give small homework most of the time to review grammar points and learn vocabulary. I try to focus on common pronunciation mistakes. Each lesson ends with small conversation practice. 

Do you have any questions? Just write a short brief message here or on Facebook.

Let's learn Russian together! 

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