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General Notices

Hello, I am Mr Josh! English teacher, world traveller, YouTuber and part time starving artist. I’m here for the people that would like to learn and improve their English, but without all the boring grammar nonsense. But first, here is the boring information.

I have been a Skype based English teacher since 2011. I pride myself in being as far removed from traditional grammar teachers as possible. In fact, I avoid talking about grammar, unless there is a special problem with someone’s understanding of it.

I am skilled at helping students get over their fear of speaking with native English speakers and improving confidence for job interviews and performing public presentations. Further to this, I have helped write scripts and PowerPoint presentations, as well as translation work for websites and web apps for corporate clients.

I have always believed that any service should start with the client. So many English courses are tailored to the needs of the teacher, not the student. I work from the student’s needs, not from which grammar book requires the least amount of preparation from me.

I make extensive use of real-world materials in order to expand a student’s capacity to understand varied accents as well as colloquial speech. I strongly believe that if you see something you enjoy, you are more likely to remember it than reading from a grammar book.

 Unlike many other English teachers, I do not hail from an academic background. In fact, I had a very varied and different life before becoming a ESL teacher. My previous life has enabled me to be able to speak with students from all walks of life.

 Due to being born in The UK to mixed parents, I have a gift for understand people from other countries. I have also developed my own tricks over the years for being able to listen out for information. These are skills that I have been teaching people for most of my life. Only recently have I been doing it officially. I have been told by my students that I have a unique no nonsense way of explaining how English works.

If you want to know more, you should scroll down and look at my Tutor's Column here on Cafetalk where I upload videos offering free advice.

See you soon.

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