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Reii Tutor Profile

Hi there, I'm Rei from Singapore! I'm able to speak English, Chinese and also Japanese, should you have any problems understanding I can try to explain to you in Japanese as well.

I have experience teaching young children, hence I'm able to make my lessons easy to follow if you're new to English. I will start slow, teaching the basics of English such as grammar and vocabulary. I will also help you work on pronounciation so that you can sound fluent and natural too.
If you're already an English speaker, we can have regular conversations as well. Let's talk about our hobbies, interests and various topics too! I have always believed that constant usage of the language will definitely help you improve your command of English, we'll build up your confidence together and move towards native levels of speech. 

Our lessons will be casual so please do not feel stressed or nervous! We will be talking in a normal conversation similar to that when you speak to a friend and you'll be able to follow me along easily on your English learning journey.

I hope to hear more from you soon!! Let's make studying English a fun and memorable experience :)

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