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Hello! My name is Moonsun Kang.
I am a Korean teacher
I am currently living in Spain with my family.
I am lucky enough to meet a student who is interested in Korean culture and likes Korean
I am studying with her happily.
In 2008, I completed a Korean Language Instructor Training course at Sangmyung University Korean Language and Culture Center.
I had experienced teaching international Korean through my activities.
Currently, I am joining Sejonghakdang personally and constantly making efforts to develop various learning materials and activities.
I am a teacher who teaches Korean, but I also learn Spanish.
Learning a new language is not easy.
This is because we need to know grammar and know a lot about Korean as well as new words.
I can also understand the mind of the learners who want to learn Korean as a Spanish learner. I would like to study Korean with pleasure.

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