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終始笑顔で感じの良い先生です♪ fluency重視の希望を汲みレッスン中流れを止めないタイミングでフィードバックしてくれ、最後に良い点と改善点をしっかりたっぷり指摘してくれることに感激! イギリスに行くとよく耳にするイギリス発音で、リアルな英語を集中して聞くという良い練習になります!!

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Hi! My name is Victoria. I'm originally from England and am a native speaker of British English. I lived in Sweden for 4 years but recently moved to Austria for a change of scenery. I like spending a long time in a country because it gives you a real insight into the culture and language.  

I'm an active person with diverse interests. I play the Irish whistle, dance lindy-hop and read a lot in my spare time. I love music of all kinds and am a keen traveller. I hope to travel to Asia, as soon as I have saved up enough money.

I took a CELTA course to become qualified as an English teacher and have been tutoring both English and Swedish for the past two years. I love teaching because it's so nice to see the progress that the student makes between the beginning and the end of the lesson. I like thinking up imaginative activities to help learners understand certain grammar points, and games to help fluency. 

Please note: After a break in August, I am now back teaching on Cafetalk. However, my schedule is still a bit changeable as a result of my recent move to Austria. I hope to be back on a more firm schedule from October onwards. 

I'm looking forward to meeting you in one of my lessons! 

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Q. Hi Victoria! According to your profile, you’ve lived in Sweden for more than three years. How’s life there? A. It’s great. I love living abroad and experiencing life as a foreigner; especially having the chance to use another language every day. Every time I go back to England I find myself feeling glad that I left. I particularly like some things about Swedish society, for example the efficie...

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