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General Notices

Benny A.M. Tutor Profile

About My Person:   Hello! My name is Benny and living in Baguio City, Philippines. I am a university graduate with a degree in B.S.  Commerce-Management major and minor in Marketing. Thank you for having a look at my profile.  You will enjoy and have fun in my lessons.  In the past 3 years or so, I have been teaching English to more than 200 Japanese and Brazilian students one-on-one. They liked having lessons with me for being a jolly person with good humor and we enjoyed some laughs every now and then.

most important thing  in learning the language is for someone to be able to communicate in English. It does not matter if it is in "broken English" because what matters most is to get your message across to the people you talk toLately, my most visited lesson is "How to Think in English ". 

My Work Experience

The experience I had with an Online English Tutorial platform was for Japanese students only with a few Brazilians enrolled. It made me learn how they want to learn English at different levels.  That is the reason why my teaching style is casualI always try my best to use the simplest English words possible .

My experience in various industries that has given me good general knowledge are: Banking, Financing, Credit and Collection; Car dealership sales management; Pharmaceutical; Real Estate Brokerage; Property Insurance; Call Center (BPO)

I have also been into these businesses: Taxi business, Food Seasoning Distribution business, Car Repair Shop business and Computer Shop business.

do not worry about my wide work and business experience.It has actually nurtured me to easily get along with people of all ages and nationality.

Earlier Online activities

Before online English tutors became in demand, I was actively writing online for clients. In my rough estimate, I would have written around 5,000 mostly paid articles in different topics. Some personal articles / blogs were posted at Helium and Blogsvertise where I was featured. However those websites are no longer in existence.


In my younger days I was very much into sports. My favorite sport is basketball. The other sports I liked and played were: ping-pong, lawn tennis, volleyball, chess, ten-pin and duck pin bowling, billiards, darts and pelota .

When I am not busy, I look for things that I can repair or tinker with. I enjoy being able to make things in good working condition. If there is nothing else to do, I listen to 'oldies but goodies' music at Youtube. I also like short videos and movies at Youtube.

How do I teach?

Based on what you have read above, there are many things that you could learn from me.  My style of teaching is casual, more of a conversation or discussion type.  Grammar, sentence construction and other academic dictates do not matter to me.  The important thing for me is for the students to be able to express themselves well and easy to understand.

Being able to communicate and get the message across to the person you are speaking with in English, is the most important thing.  Why?  Because we can communcate by just gestures and facial/head expression without even speaking.
  • I only make corrections if it is really difficult to understand what the student is trying to say.
  • If something is difficult to explain, I use photos/pictures via Skype to make understanding easier.
  • I like giving time for a student to speak more than me because it helps more.
  • I ask questions in the easiest way for the student to understand.
  • I always try my best to use short sentences for easier comprehension.
  • If possible, I use hand gestures or facial expressions for a student to understand me.
Thank you and I look forward to be in a lesson with you.

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  • No-Show→ 100% of price charged.

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