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Hi! I am currently living in Thailand. I've been teaching English for 6 years.  I have a Bachelors Degree in Education and TESOL certified.

I can teach Basic, Intermediate, advance, free talk, conversation and Casual English. I can also help with job interviews and public speaking.

I love talking to different people and knowing different cultures. I like watching movies, korean series and travelling. I love exploring our mother Earth!

Come, and study with me! 

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  • Counseling Lesson ( Nice to meet you!)

    This is an orientation session for first-time students. Let's check your English level, talk about your goals and decide which of my lessons is a good fit for you!
    Englisch   Skypekurs   In Absprache
    20 Min.   700P
  • Open Topic ( Conversation class )

    Tell me your topic and let's talk about it!
    Englisch   Skypekurs   In Absprache
    30 Min.   1,100P
  • Conversation Class For Fluency

    Practice your spoken English, improve your fluency and enhance your vocabulary!
    Englisch   Skypekurs   In Absprache
    30 Min.   3,900P
    Paket mit 4 Kursen 975
  • English Conversation Class - 50 Minutes

    More time to practice your spoken English, improve your fluency and enhance your vocabulary!
    Englisch   Skypekurs   In Absprache
    55 Min.   5,400P
    Paket mit 4 Kursen 1,350
  • Job Interview practice 30 mins

    feel more confident in answering interview questions.
    Coaching   Skypekurs   In Absprache
    30 Min.   1,900P
    Paket mit 2 Kursen 950
  • Fast Talk

    Just a short 15 minute lesson for someone who has a busy schedule!
    Englisch   Skypekurs   In Absprache
    15 Min.   600P
  • All about Business

    Need help for writing emails, grammar check and practice presentation
    Englisch   Skypekurs   In Absprache
    25 Min.   1,900P

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