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Robert H Tutor Profile

Hello, my name is Robert. I am currently living in the state of Oregon in the United States.
I have lived in Japan for close to seventeen years. For fifteen of those years I was a private and public school teacher. When I first started teaching in Japan I was a ALT on the Japanese Ministry of Education JET Programme. I taught at public Elementary, Junior High and High schools in Chiba Prefecture. For the last eight years I was a private High school teacher. I have also taught adult classes.  
I myself have been a student leaning Japanese for more than twenty years. I still study hard and struggle with the language. This makes me a very empathic teacher!
I personally believe that language should be taught like a sport. Thinking too much will slow you down. Speaking should be a reflex action. My Japanese university professor told me that language needs to be practice like tennis. After repetitive practice swinging at the ball becomes a reflex. 
I have a wide variety of hobbies. I enjoying running & trail running, traveling, watching movies and television shows, talking about technology and cooking and eating.
I have had a wide variety of occupations and experiences. I like to talk about many topics ranging from technology to international affairs.
I hope you chose me to help you with your language learning goals.

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