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Sayu Tutor Profile

Hello,I 'm new here.
But will do my best.

I belonged volunteering of Japanese conversation four years,

I  helped as a conversation partner for Japanese learners.

I have not taught as Japanese teacher though..Thorough this experience,At there, I met many international university students  beginner ~ advanced Japanese  level.
Mainly were beginner ~ intermediate students. 

This volunteering was held some Japanese festivals.

For starter,I helped to memorize some easy Japanese.
In this lesson,I also can teach like these and for beginner,I will also teach like Verb,Noun,Adjective,What When Where Who Why How Reasonable,Grammar,Useful words,Conversation ..
And helped some homework and so on.
Please tell your learning level~

I'm new but I would like to use this knowledge and do my best.

Let's practice with me!

I also like to know new things.

so I have got licenses.

Japanese teaching school certificate.
Kindergarten's teacher license.
Elementaly school's teacher license.
Aroma therapy test  passed.
Plus Medical herb test.

Please tell me about your interest.

I look forward to meeting many students.

Please tell me about cancel by  2 hours before.
If you don’t tell cancel by 2 hours,you have to pay 100 percent lesson fee as cancel fee.

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