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  Hello. I'm Noriko, and I have been teaching Japanese to English native speakers, at a private company, for the last six years. I also have experience teaching in a school environment. After completing 420 hours of instructional training, I passed the exam to become a qualified Japanese teacher.


    I focus on the actual daily application of language, but you can also learn grammar and useful phrases from within our lessons. As you know, you have to be patient when learning a language, but I'm sure if you persist, you can achieve your goal.  It is my wish to assist you in your language acquisition journey and I look forward to seeing you soon.


こんにちは。Norikoです。にほんの かいしゃで にほんごを おしえています。たのしく おしゃべりを しながら べんきょうしましょう。 いっしょに がんばりましょう。

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