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Estudiante de español, ¡hola!Dear Spanish students,Espero que estés bien. ...
Muchas veces pensamos que el lenguaje corporal es suficiente para comunicar aspectos básicos...
No. No es la paella. Uno de los tópicos falsos sobre España es que los espa&ntil...
Published 7 Nov, 2019 | View: 90
みんなさん、こんにちは、   CAFE Talkのロシオです。   CAFE Talkで最近だけ教師として始めましたので今日はスペイン語で自己紹介をしましょう。 &nb...
Vivir en el extranjero o viajar durante muchos años y estar en contacto con otras gentes y c...

General Notices


¡Hola! I am Rocio ( ロシオ). 

Do you want to become a fluent Spanish speaker? Then my classes are for you! Book your first lesson right now and you will start speaking in Spanish from day 1!


I was born in Spain and grew up in Geneva, Switzerland. I am a professional language teacher with extensive experience teaching in Japan.

I am a Spanish/French bilingual, fluent in English, and I have conversational abilities in Japanese, Portuguese, and Italian. Believe me, I know what it´s like to learn and progress in a new language!

I lived in many different parts of the world: in Geneva, in Santiago de Compostela, in Florence, in Dublin, in Scotland, in Berlin, in Portugal, in Japan, in Indonesia, in India, in Pakistan...

As an experienced language teacher, I understand the importance to adapt my lessons to the needs of every student focusing on the goals he or she wants to achieve and according to their own interests.

Do not hesitate to book the free 15 minutes trial lesson to find out if my classes are for you!

*Feel free to contact me for other times outside of my availability schedule

How do I teach?

I want to create an environment in which you feel comfortable and at ease to give the best of yourself. I make the lessons to fit your needs and goals.

I use all kinds of materials to best suit your level and your learning personality. I like to make learning fun, engaging and easy to understand. 

My teaching experience in Japan

I have a degree in Social Education and Community Development and a Higher Certificate in Decorative Glasswork. I am also certified as a Teacher of Spanish as a Second language and as a translator from English into Spanish.

In 2007 I boarded on the Peace Boat as a Spanish teacher and from
2008 to 2013 I lived and worked in the countryside of Japan, in Gunma ken and Nagano ken. 

I taught students of all ages and from different backgrounds, Japanese and non-Japanese nationals. I was in close contact with the nikkei community and worked in multicultural environments.

It was a great learning process and my biggest reward was to witness my students progress, sometimes so fast! The time I spent in Japan was an important part of my life and becoming an online tutor at Cafe Talk is a great opportunity to stay close to the Japanese people and culture while doing something I am passionate about.  

My cycling life

I have spent an important part of my life on the bicycle!

Recently I have completed a long cycling journey from Japan to Spain across Asia. Do not hesitate to ask me questions about this aspect of my life too.

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