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Hi ! Nice to meet you ! I am Florent, a French young tutor and i share my life between France and Japan. French is my native language but i know speaking English almost fluently. I'm currently learning Japanese while i am also teaching it on YouTube. I love travelling, learning about cultures and i am especially interested in Eastern Asia :).

I've started teaching French as a new challenge ! Because i have been giving sometimes lessons to foreign friends until now, i know how hard it is to learn French for learners. That's why i want to share with you the methods i have developed by teaching and learning a language so that you can improve your level in French quickly.
I talk mostly in French but i use images or try to make you guess what i mean if you don't understand. If there are still some misunderstandings, i use English to explain you clearly.
I am very open so feel free to tell me if you want me to change some aspects of my teaching in the case it is not convenient for you.
During our first meeting, i want to learn more about you to know what you want to be able to do in French and what we need to work on.
Then, conversations are the basics of my teaching.
Let's talk about a topic you're interested in :) ! Your mistakes will be used to study grammar and vocabulary notions. I will ask you to write what you learnt in a notebook. Then, you will have to imagine for the next session a thirty-line text using the studied notions and summing up our talking.
I offer also pronunciation and accent reduction courses. If your pronunciation prevents you from being understood by other people or you feel bad with it, let's improve it with various listening and repetition exercices !

I hope you to be successful in your French learning ! Let's do it together !

(How determined you are and how many actions you put everyday will decide of your future progress !)

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