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Charisma Sevilla Tutor Profile


Hello, My name is Charisma and I'm a teacher by profession but a writer by heart. I teach both children and business professionals. I came to Japan because I was fascinated by the rich culture and nature.


I graduated with a degree in IT but I focused on technical writing and startup business development. Before coming to Japan, I lived and worked in Dubai for almost 6 years and there I got immersed in a diverse work environment. I worked with different nationalities and it defined my work ethics and enhanced my life experience. Thus, I always strive to be a part of an open and varied company culture.  

[Teaching Experience] 

  • I started freetalk conversations with Japanese interns within my team (in my previous company)
  •  I teach business-english as a corporate training and one-on-one classes respectively
  • I proofread English lesson materials; emails and business presentations created by Japanese learners.
  • I also teach elementary children in a classroom setting.
  • I used to be an English level assessor and conduct BULATS (Business Language Testing Service) and TEAP Examinations in various Tokyo locations


[Japanese Level]
  • I studied Japanese language for 1 year at Human Academy Language School in Takadanobaba, Shinjuku, Tokyo. 
  • I will be taking the JLPT (N3-level) this year.

  • I have been practicing yoga since 2012.
  • I love the occassional run.
  • My greatest interest is mountain climbing all over Japan. I try to explore one mountain every month since I moved to Tokyo.
  • I love reading books (dystopian, classical and psycho-mystery genre). My favorite authors are C.S. Lewis, John Green, John Grisham and Paulo Coehlo.
  • The first japanese book I have read is あなたの感じることは絶対ただしい by Akira Uehara
  • Lastly, I'm passionate about teaching English to Japanese individuals but I aim to help anyone to express their own opinion and idea in English effectively and fluently. 


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