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Adam Dyer Tutor Profile

About me:

My name is Adam Dyer and I am from Houston, Texas in America. I now live in Osaka. I have a bachelor’s degree in Japanese and one in Architectural Studies from the University of Texas. I enjoy talking, teaching, and learning and I am always happy to help people do the same.


Teaching English in Japan:

I have taught English in Japan for 6 years. I taught junior high school English for 2 years, elementary and high school English for 4 years, and I have taught private English lessons for adults and worked in a cram school teaching English for 4 years too.


My Cafetalk Lessons:

My lessons are aimed at improving conversational fluency and fixing problem areas in English. Each lesson has a goal that we will work to complete through open and guided discussion, roleplaying, practice and repetition, and feedback. My goal is your success, so each lesson is adjusted to match your abilities.

Low English level? OK! We can start simple and level up slowly.

Mid English level? OK! We can find the areas of trouble and work together to make you more comfortable while speaking English.

High English level? OK! We can further increase your fluency and smoothness while speaking and focus on areas that need more polish.

I will correct and give feedback throughout the lessons, so you can talk freely and not worry about mistakes. This way, you can develop your skills and have fun doing it!

Thanks for checking out my profile and let's have a conversation! 

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