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Hello everyone!This is a continuation of my adventures in Japan! If you haven't read the first few ...
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Published 4 Sep, 2019 | View: 73
Hey everyone,Just wanted to post a reminder about the New Student Discount that is going on right n...
Published 3 Sep, 2019 | View: 58
Hey guys!This is part 2 of my hitchhiking trip so if you want to catch up on this story then go ahe...
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Hey Everyone! Kevin here! One of my students thought it was very interesting that I hitchhiked acro...
Here are some reasons why students like taking classes with me!
- "Always smiling and makes me comfortable"
- "Pronunciation is very clear when he speaks!"
- "Puts a lot of effort into the conversation"
- "Kind and patient with me all the time"
- "Listens to me so that he can make a perfect class for me"

I promise that our classes will only get better and better as we keep learning more about each other. I have many coupon discounts happening all of the time so please try one of my classes! I promise you will have the practice that you are looking for!

Hello everyone! My name is Kevin Cho and I would like to be your English Teacher! I am 26 years old with a degree in Entrepreneurship Business!
I love helping others and experiencing other cultures. Recently, I went to Japan for 3 months and hitchhiked the whole country to learn Japanese and met so many great people!
I like to do a lot of different things! Rock Climbing, Camping, Business, Video Games, Board Games, Traveling, Trying different foods, and much much more! In general, I love trying new things and challenging myself. 
I am patient, friendly, and I hope to meet you soon!
In the past, I used to be a music performance major for Viola (It's like a Violin but a little bigger). In that time, a lot of my peers who were serious about music were trying out teaching younger kids so I wanted to give it a shot myself! I wasn't sure what to expect but it turned out to be such a rewarding experience for me. I began to teach a handful of students and it was such a journey. The satisfaction of explaining something in an eye-opening way.. The amazing feeling of seeing a student finally succeeding.. These will always be cherished memories of mine. 
I eventually even started to teach breakdancing and hip-hop choreography to a group of my friends as well. It was an interesting realization to learn that some of the teaching ideas I gained from music were also relevant to dance! But overall, what is most important to realize, in my opinion, is that people require different things in order to learn better. 
In college, I competed in many international public speaking competitions for a technology company that I had started. I am proud to say that after a lot of hard work and dedication, I was able to go from being a terribly awkward speaker to a person that would win awards at almost every competition I went to! Although that life of competing is behind me, I hope I can share this experience and knowledge I gained with you! 
With a life long experience of helping others and working on my own ability to communicate, I am confident that we are going to have a great time together studying English!
My teaching style is very conversation-based and will transform as I get to know you more and more! I want to get to know you to know exactly what you are looking for and then I can build a fun and interesting way to practice! My class with one person may be completely different from any other student because I know people are interested in different things! 
I'm sure we can figure out a good plan for you! I am open to teaching all different ages! I love learning about others and so I know we will have a fun time talking about all sorts of hobbies and interests!
If you are looking for a fun way to practice talking about topics that you are interested in so that you can use English in your everyday conversations, then I would like to help you!
I want to build a fun relationship with you so that you won't feel pressured while you learn. Have fun making mistakes with me!

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