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About me
I live close to Montreal, Quebec in Canada and I'm quite the odd individual.

When I'm not teaching I like to ...
read, create websites, learn languages (PHP, Spanish, Sign), play Steam Games, work out, and other random things.  

3 Random Things That I love
3. Stories about funny or awkward times
2. Pictures of bunnies (They're so cute, I want to explode with happiness everytime I see them.)
1. EATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Not cooking. When I grow up, I want to be a human food vaccum) 
Education and Experience
- Major in TESL / Minor in Education / Major in English Literature
Over 2000 hours of paid teaching online and offline 

My lessons are great for people who want to... 
- gain confidence and practice speaking in many ways, (games, talking, debating, singing) 

My lessons are not made for people that want to...
- practice advanced grammar (i.e discussing Gerunds, and the most appropriate time to use them)

Please note the following
- Webcam is not needed for my lessons
- Webcam for Webcam (I see yours, I will show you mine) 
If you would like me to use my webcam, and cannot use your own, please tell so I can set up my camera. 

Thank you 

Featured Interview

Q. Hi Leeann! Why don’t you start with a quick introduction. A. Hey there! I’m a teacher, a wanna be gamer, and what I would call a hybrid mix between geek and an adventurer. Oddly enough, I became a teacher out sheer anger of what I witnessed in school. I was always a good student, getting great grades, but I was always so bored with school and traditional teaching methods. As I grew up, I becam...

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