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General Notices

Dani L. Tutor Profile


Hello and bonjour! 

My name is Dani and I am a teacher from Vancouver, British Columbia. I am now living in Montreal, Quebec (a French speaking province). Just before moving here permanently, I spent seven months in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, which is right below the Arctic Circle. Sometimes, polar bears roamed on the edge of town!

Before deciding to pursue my university degrees, I studied to become a professional make-up artist. However, I realized that my true calling was in education. Though I specialized in primary education, I have taught students of all ages, and I especially enjoy teaching adults!

While I was in university, I was fortunate enough to have some of my work published in a magazine and in academic handbooks. Currently, I am the content editor for a non-profit organization called End Poverty Now. Feel free to check out my proofreading services on my lessons list!

Some of my interests include painting, cooking, hiking, creative writing, LEARNING, creating educational content, making people think deeply, laughing, blues music, and getting to know YOU! ;)

Credentials and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
  • Bachelor of Education 
  • Read about my teaching philosophy on my teaching blog! 
Teaching Style:

It's all about you! Feel free to browse through the lessons that I prepared already. I am open to ideas for new lessons if you don't see anything you like!

Apart from being flexible and patient, I also believe that laughter is important because it builds a warm teacher-student relationship. ;) 


Do you want a professional, fun and easy-going tutor? Then contact me. I can't wait to meet you!

Featured Interview

Q. Hi Dani! Would you like to give us a short self-introduction? A. Hello! I’m a teacher, a total language geek, and a newlywed. I’d like to tell you why I became a teacher. I had a difficult childhood and as a result, I never did well in school. I was always behind, disrupted class, and never tried to learn. I just assumed that I was dumb, and most teachers simply labeled me as a “problem child....

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