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Japanese fitness freak! Weight-trainer, power-lifter and bodybuilder! Looking to teach and train others in how to be fit and healthy and live a long, productive life! Change your life Today!

I have been training for over 7 years now. Started off just wanting to be fit and eventually became my life and passion. I have been teaching and training for the past four years now, 2 of which I spent in Australia as a personal trainer. I focus mostly on weight-lifting, muscle mass, and power-lifting. I've also worked for Anytime Fitness in Shinjuku and am now looking to start training on my own using my tried and proven methods I've collected and perfected over the years of training and being trained. Whether you want to gain muscle mass, or tone up, stay fit, have a healthy diet, learn new methods of exercising or maybe wanting to max that bench press. I can help you achieve all those goals and more! My methods are not based on what I've studied but rather from my real-life experiences and applications that I've tried and proven over the 7 years I've been lifting and training. 

My personal teaching style is all about making the method to achieving a goal as simple and effective as possible. Really back to the basics of what Physical Training is. No complicated programs and buying heaps of supplments that you will never use. I'm all about the natural and hard-work to get results. I will show you step by step how to do each exercise or lift and walk you through them till you have perfected it. The goal is not just to make your body fit but to also give you the knowledge necessary to maintain what you will build! Each lesson will teach you something new no time wasting. 

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