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stella Tutor Profile

Hello! My name is Stella

Do you wanna learn Korean and Englsih?
I am a bilingual teacher which is Korean and English. 저는 영어와 한국어를 가르치는 선생님입니다.
A bit about me: 
I am studying education in the Master's program in America. I graduated Amreican college studied in international education.
I also studied  GRE and TOEFL in America, so I can give a tip who is preparing Teofl or Gre.
I volenteered at K-12 Aemrican school, tought a reading and writng.
I also worked at international Immigration office as a data entry clerk, upated information for immigrats, and teaching communication and public speaking. 

About Lesson: 
In English,  I am a Certified ESOL.  I focus on pronunciation, reading and writing, preparing for interviews, fluency and speaking, but I also focus on the specific goals/needs of my students. Textbook depeonds on person's level, therefore a STUDENT and TEACHER are gonna talk about it. 

Korean (Hangul) is beautiful language. In Korean I will focus on speaking. Sepaking is very important to communiticate, therefore, I will use my own Korean textbook. If the student want to the textbook file, I will send them via email. WE WILL DISCUSS LATER. 

I like to get to know about my students and make the lessons personal. I won't just be your teacher, but I will become your friend. Therefor, sometime we can talk as a frineds (just converstation). WHO wants KOREAN and ENGLISH, WHO WANTS TO MAKE  A FRIEND  to communicate Korean or English, I will help.  

Let's make it happend. 

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