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Columns from this tutor to Cafetalk students.
みなさん、こんにちは。日本の「新語・流行語大賞」(りゅうこうごたいしょう)は知っていますか?ユーキャン 新語・流行語大賞へのリンクその年にニュースや社会(しゃかい)で話題(わだい)になった日本語のラ...
こんにちは、今日のコラムは音楽についてです。私が好きな冬の歌を紹介します。  (わたしが すきな 冬のうたを しょうかい します)古い曲ですが、毎年雪がふると聞きます。 (ふるい きょく ですが、ま...
こんにちは、かなこです。今日のコラムはお正月(しょうがつ)の準備(じゅんび)についてです。1.年賀状(ねんがじょう)お正月に家族や友人に送る特別な葉書(はがき)です。 感謝(かんしゃ)とお礼(れい)...
こんにちは。今日のコラムも札幌市の紹介(しょうかい)をします。札幌市(さっぽろし)の写真(しゃしん)です。大倉山(おおくらやま)ジャンプ台(だい)で撮影(さつえい)しました。 大倉山(おおくら...

General Notices

Hello, it is nice to meet you all. This is Kanako.
【About my lessons】
My lessons focus on speaking and listening to a lot.
You'll be able to listen to Japanese, think in Japanese and speak Japanese.
Don't worry about making mistakes. It is fine even if you can't remember Japanese words instantly. No worries.
Let's learn new expressions while reviewing what we learn.
I've worked for an IT company for 15 years. I could teach you practical Japanese that are actually used in business situations. You will learn Katakana, business Japanese and slangs as well.
【About me】
I currently live in Sapporo, Japan.
I like skiing in winter and hiking in summer.

↑ This is when I went hiking in winter.
I also like watching TV. Comedy shows and TV series are my favorite.
I love traveling in Japan as well. I always get earpicks when I go travel. I could get a lot of them up until now.
↑ These earpicks are that I got by today.
I try my best to teach useful Japanese to everyone with fun. Let's have fun in learning Japanese together!

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