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Cynthia C. Tutor Profile

Hello everyone, I’m very excited to bring my classes to Cafetalk! I am a professional English teacher and writer with a passion for language! I’ve been entirely in love with English since I was a twelve-year-old girl writing stories and helping friends with their homework. I guess you could say it was my destiny.

I have been privileged enough to have a career teaching and writing, so I can help others enjoy English. There are so many practical and creative ways to use it. Once you conquer the fear and embrace the language, you will unlock your full potential as an English speaker.

I know how challenging it can be to speak a new language; it can be intimidating. I left the United States and moved to Asia over eight years ago. After five years in China and over three years in Taiwan, adapting to a new language and culture, I found that it got easier. I had to find ways to connect with the language and make it a part of my everyday life.

While living in Asia, I have taught people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. I have a natural ability to understand people from other countries and what they are trying to say. If you can’t seem to find the words, I will still understand you and know what you are trying to say. I can help you not to feel so confused and express yourself naturally in the English language.

I use my experience as both a teacher and expatriate to provide stress-free, relevant, and fun opportunities to learn and practice English. I have helped many students get over their fear of speaking English and improve their confidence. I firmly believe that if the class is enjoyable, meaningful, and useful, then you will remember it.

  • Over 18 years of experience as a professional English teacher and writer/editor in the USA, China, and Taiwan
  • Master’s degree in English and Language Arts Education
  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism
  • TEFL Certification
  • Transformation Academy Life Coaching Certification
  • Over ten years of experience as a Life Coach

English Teaching

I use a student-centered teaching style, allowing for maximum student talk time. I encourage students to take the lead in discussions while providing guidance. Students achieve optimal learning results in a comfortable and encouraging learning environment with relatable materials.

My courses use real-world materials that focus on topics relevant to the student. This method increases the student’s understanding of the English Language naturally and introduces them to language that they can use in their daily and professional life.


I am not only a teacher but also a published writer and editor. I love writing and know that I can help you become a better writer.
I will teach you the art of writing in English.

In my writing classes, we’ll look at grammar, vocabulary, paragraph structure, organization, and flow. We’ll breakdown and discuss all the things that will make you a better writer, whether it is for test preparation, work performance, or just because you enjoy writing!


I’m happy to help with your English writing projects. Whether you have a rough draft or a finished product, I can help you make your writing error-free and polished while keeping your ideas intact.

Documents I work with include assignments, essays, letters, e-mails, homework, articles, creative writing, and more. I will give you revision suggestions for improving your writing in English overall, such as suggested vocabulary, phrasing, style, and syntax.

Life Coaching

If you work with me as a life coach, we can work together to determine and achieve your desired personal and professional outcomes.

I can help you with personal and confidential situations that you may not feel comfortable discussing with others. Having a Life Coach can help you see the situation more clearly and enable you to find practical solutions.

It is both mentally and physically healthy to discuss and work through your problems. Holding on to stress can have negative effects on your health and quality of life.

If you need someone to talk to and not just listen but hear and understand you, please consider taking one of my coaching classes. *All discussions are confidential.*


I have the experience necessary to help you achieve your desired outcome, whether it is learning English, improving your writing, or resolving a personal issue.

Your satisfaction is important to me. So, please don’t be shy about letting me know upfront if something isn’t working or things aren’t quite what you expected. I’ll do what I can to make things right.

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