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General Notices

Iza Ramos Tutor Profile

Hello there! 
  • I am born and currently residing in Malaysia. 
  • I am a Malay native speaker, fluent in English and Indonesian, and able to speak Japanese in daily level conversation.
  • I'm a people person and I really enjoy talking with people! 
My Teaching Style
I always believe that speaking is the main core of the way to master a language. My goal is to provide a medium to the Cafe Talk community to freely converse in their targeted language (i.e. English) comfortably.

It is totally fine to make mistakes because those are the stepping stones toward success. I can speak Japanese to some extent so for my Japanese fellows community, it's fine if you mix up your languages when talking to me! My lesson is absolutely not like a regular serious teaching session. So just sit back, relax and be yourself! 

My lessons are mostly about,
  • English speaking practice (text-book guided or free conversation)
  • Pronunciation exercise (My English accent are inclining toward American accent) 
  • I also provide lessons about nutrition so if you're interested in nutrition, feel free to join my lessons!
My Career
I have experience teaching English, Mathematics, and Biology to elementary and high school students as a part time tutor. I'm currently working as a dietitian/nutritionist in a hospital so I specialize in the nutrition field and actively involved in teaching nutrition classes to the community.

Feel free to contact me and let's study together!

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