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Kiko Tutor Profile

Perkenalkan, saya Kiko. Nice to meet you, I'm Kiko.

・I wish I could communicate with the locals!
・I want to learn more about Indonesian culture, lifestyle, and customs!
・I need to learn Indonesian for study abroad or for work!
People have all sorts of reasons for wanting to learn Indonesian. As someone who started learning Indonesian a bit earlier and has studied it as a foreign language for many years (I am definitely still learning!) I’d be happy to help out anyone who is interested in learning.

For complete beginners, we can start by learning how to read the alphabet. Then, we will get a solid foundation in grammar, learn natural Indonesian that natives use in conversation, and practice pronunciation. Let’s strike a good balance between input and output. When you learn a foreign language, you can’t forget about the country’s culture, lifestyle, customs, and religion, so we will be learning about those in our lessons as well.

My motto is “having fun with everything!”
I’m looking forward to meeting you during the lesson♪

Brief Bio

After learning Indonesian in Japan for many years, I studied abroad at a university in Indonesia. After graduating, I found a job in Indonesia and gained experience in translation and communication support. I worked as a home tutor teaching Indonesian to local and international students.

Travel, Javanese Gamelan, music, yoga, fashion

English Translation: 12/26/2014 - The Cafetalk Team

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