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420+Hrs Course Completed in Advanced Skills of Teaching Japanese
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Chuken Grade 2
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YUKA (LILY) Tutor Profile

Hello, everyone!
My name is Yuka. (or you can call me Lily) ^^
☆About me 
After I had completed all the requirements of the Japanese Language Teacher Training Course (420 hours above.), I've been working for a Japanese language school in Tokyo as a Japanese teacher. I've been teaching Japanese from around seventeen to twenty students at most, and most of them are from Asian countries. What I teach is based on the curriculum which is focusing on pronunciation and covers from beginner to advanced levels. Also, I try to have a class to capture student's interests. I teach them to vary from speaking, writing, listening, and reading. I also got the Fifth Grade of HSK and Second Grade of Test of Chinese Proficiency.
My hobbies are watching dramas and movies on Netflix, going shopping, chilling in a cafe and going to travel.
---About my lesson---
Japanese Lessons
・Absolute beginner course (greeting/number/ time)
・Basic course
 ・Intermediate course 
 ・Advanced course
 ・Preparing for JLPT
 ・Free talking
 ・Practice for interview
For Japanese teachers
 ・Have a look at your lesson plan
 ・How to use the grammar etc
 Chinese Lessons
 ・Absolute beginner (pronunciation/pinyin)
 ・Proofreading for diary
 ・Conversation for traveling (about a trip to Taiwan)

I'll teach Japanese to students who started learning Japanese (the class would be only for students who already learned Hiragana and Katakana) to vary from beginner, intermediate to advanced level.
For Japanese teachers, I'll give you some advice about how to use grammar in the class and check your lesson plan.
In Chinese lessons, I'll give you lectures about Taiwanese, Mandarin or some phrases which would be useful for a trip to Taiwan.
What all you need is note and pencils! You don't have to prepare for the materials.
If you would like to use the materials in the lesson, we'll be able to have the lesson with the textbooks below.
★みんなの日本語 (Minnano Nihongo)
★中級へ行こう/学ぼう (Tyuukyuu he ikou/manabou)
★日本語総まとめ (Vocabulary/Kanji) (Nihongo somatome)
◎About the lesson date
Due to my job, I'm not able to have the class regularly, and I would like to have a lesson if our schedule matches after you send me a message. So, please feel free to send me a message. Thank you!
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