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Hello! My name is Elzbieta but everybody calls me Ella. Though originally I’m from Poland, I’ve lived in Germany for over 11 years now and am officially a German citizen J. I currently live in the beautiful city of Heidelberg with my American boyfriend and a grumpy cat named Kira.  



After studying German and English at the University of Warsaw and later in Heidelberg (Black Forest), I moved to Bavaria to teach English literature at the university level and finished my PhD in contemporary British drama. Altogether, I have over 10 years experience teaching English and a few years experience teaching German.                     


Though my main expertise is teaching academic English, I also immensely enjoy teaching English and German for more day-to-day use, as it allows me to be even more creative in designing activities to help you improve your language skills, and let’s be honest, it’s simply so much more fun!



My main goal is to make you feel comfortable speaking a foreign language, be it English or German, in spite of missing a word or two or not having perfect pronunciation from the very beginning. It’s often been my experience that students frequently refuse to say anything in class for fear of making mistakes, which, I always thought, was such a missed opportunity to get better.


As Samuel Beckett once said:

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”                        



What I try to do during my lessons, therefore, is to unlock your linguistic potential by:


  • activating the language skills and knowledge you already have but which may be a bit rusty
  • showing you how much you can already do with what you’ve got
  • and of course by building on that in line with your individual needs and interests             

Though I’m very serious when it comes to assisting you in your language studies, I truly believe that lessons should also be entertaining – after all, laughter and fun are the best motivators!                                      

If possible, I always try to accommodate your wishes and adjust the content of your lessons accordingly, so please don’t hesitate to tell me about them!



Books (‘high’ and ‘low’ lit.), theatre, modern dance, modern art, philosophy, cinema, cats and dogs, biking, jogging, swimming and boating, and most recently, to my great surprise: cooking and baking.



Parsley and mosquitos!


Thanks for visiting my profile and hope to talk to you soon!






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