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General Notices

Cody S. Tutor Profile


Hello! I'm Cody. I live in a suburban city called Duarte in the U.S., which is part of Los Angeles; the weather is usually perfect for swimming and outdoor activities. I have an Associate’s degree in Sociology from Citrus College, in Glendora California and another in Japanese Language, Culture and Customs, that I obtained while living in Niigata Japan. I have been tutoring for more than seven years and love it.

Teaching/ life in Japan:

I taught Business English and English Conversation and fundamentals of grammar and writing in Niigata Japan for more than three years; I worked for a dozen different companies and schools and learned to market my services privately. I enjoyed going to Japanese restaurants, izakaya and local pubs with my wife, friends and students. As much as I loved meeting new people and being surrounded by friends, I also enjoyed running Niigata’s beautiful trails, alone. I often ran to Sekiyahama and Sakuragichou to refresh myself and take a moment to appreciate nature.

Fitness is important in my family. My grandmother, mother and wife are all nurses, and talks about health, fitness and nutrition are common in our house. I ran my first half-marathon in Gosen, Niigata and had not stopped running since. I recently ran my second half-marathon at Santa Monica Beach in California, and it was quite the experience. My wife and I enjoy going to the gym regularly. In general, I like staying active and going out.

My Café-Talk Lessons

Teaching is more than my job; it is my passion. If you don't already know, I want you to understand that learning can be personal, fun and life-changing. At the same time, the changes must be worked for. Here are some general basics about my lessons.

1. The aim of our lessons will be for you to speak. Therefore, I will stimulate you with questions.

2. I will ask you plenty of questions, but I invite you to ask questions and speak about whatever you want.

3. I like to focus on understanding what you wish to communicate to me. So, sometimes I won't correct you like your speaking. Instead, I'll wait until later in the class to make comments.

4. I like to create comfort and trust with my students. We communicate most clearly when we relax.

5. I want to give you the best lesson. Please tell me what perks or bonuses you want and I will do my very best to give them to you.

6. We can work with or without materials. Most of my students have told me that they like lessons without books and worksheets the most. Either way, I will always give good advice and coach you on speaking skills and confidence.

I'm looking forward to speaking with you soon!:) Thanks for reading my profile. I hope it wasn't too difficult to understand.



Featured Interview

Q. Hi, Cody S. please introduce yourself! A. My name is Cody, during the daytime I work as a one-on-one aide for emotionally disturbed students enrolled in special education, and I am also working towards a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. I have been tutoring for nine years, teaching English for roughly four years and have been working with CafeTalk since March of 2016. I gained most of my experi...

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