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Certificates Adler's psychology ベーシック
Certificated Smile Leader
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☆Your relationship with your child, spouse, friends, your future, no matter what you want to talk about, I will help you shine☆

Hello everyone. I’m Masako.T and I’m psychological therapist/counselor.

If you just want someone to listen.
If you just want to talk to someone.
If you want to solve your problems.
If you want to change.

I will listen to anything you have to say.

I have over 20 years over experience as a mental health therapist and counselor and have worked with over 20,000 people.

I myself have also felt lost due to divorce, raising children, not knowing how to talk to school teachers, being far away from my friends, marriage, sickness, the loneliness of living overseas, and more.

Having someone by your side to listen to you and give you important information during those times can really change your life, relationships, and relieve your worries and hopes about the future.

Because we work so hard to live our lives, sometimes we encounter things that are too difficult to cope with on our own.

However, you are not alone and you will be able to live your days with a cheerful heart again. I promise. 

I live half of the year in Japan and the other half in the US.

Thanks to Skype, we now live in an age where we do not have to feel distant from each other and can converse whenever we want.

My sessions are not limited to those living in Japan; even if you live abroad, if you can speak Japanese, and are looking for a place to talk you are welcome to book a session. I think the moments in which our hearts warm after opening up to someone are very special. Please feel free to contact me.

I’m looking forward to the day our lives connect.


・The Japanese Psychological Association Certified Psychologist

 (authorization based on national regulations for scholars of psychology)
・Japan Education Counselor Association Intermediate Level Counselor

 (authorization for childcare counseling and recovering from class disruptions)

・Japan Counselor’s Association Psychological Counselor

・Japan Industrial Counselors Association Industrial Counselor

・Seminar: Love and Courage in a Parent-Child Relationship, Smile Leader

・Gathering Up Your Own Courage, ELM Leader


・Prefectural Board of Education School Counselor: 17 years

・Supervisor of a Personal Counseling Agency: 20 years

・Number of Educational Lectures: 40

・Husband and pet dog
・Child (who is grown and lives separately from us) + grandchild♡ 

Translation: 9/2015 - The Cafetalk Team 

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  • No-Show→ 100% of price charged.

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Problem Solving
  • 相談全般【女性限定】

    Problem Solving   Skype Lesson  
    30min   2,500P
  • ダイエット「こんなに痩せていいんですか?」

    2ヶ月後、誰よりも貴女自身が一番驚くでしょう。流行のダイエットや無理なダイエットに飛びついては挫折、の繰り返しに一生サヨナラ★ 健康的に確実に痩せて2度とリバウンドしないダイエット。
    Diet & Nutrition   Skype Lesson  
    30min   2,500P
  • コミュニケーショントレーニング

    友達づき合いや ご夫婦・ママ友など、「あなたって話しやすい!」「信頼できる!」と感じてもらえるHow toのレッスン。【20才以上 女性限定】
    Problem Solving   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    30min   2,000P
    Has Trial 20min   1,000P
  • Happy&Smile ペアレントトレーニング

    たった30秒で子どもが変わる! ~驚くほど子どもが変わる花丸メソッド~
    Parenting   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    30min   2,000P
    Has Trial 20min   1,500P
  • 子育ての相談

    Parenting   Skype Lesson  
    30min   2,500P

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