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Students of the world - Hello - Konnichiwa - Hola!

Over 10 years of private English tutoring and ESL instruction around the world have created positive opportunities to help learners in a variety of English subjects.

My hope is to share an open and easy to talk to teaching approach, while being productive and allowing real-life language situations to grow your confidence.

Also, specific skill development for TOEIC and IELTS is a terrific lesson focus for score improvement.

I live in Orange County, California.  My wife is Japanese, and works as a study-abroad counselor for Japanese high school students.  We have an 18 month old son, and together, we love going to the beach, nature, and concerts!  Surfing, sports, and chopping wood help keep my mind stress free :)

Thank you for showing interest here, and hope to meet with you soon!

Live well,



My aim is to help you reach YOUR goals, with a style that is friendly and open, efficient and productive. 

Some common goals are:

Interview skills

Writing - College essays, business Emails

Pronunciation fixes

Grammar improvement

Formal/informal speech

Idioms (expressions)



Bachelor of Science - Communication: University of Miami, Fla


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Q. Hi, Adam Green. please introduce yourself! A. Hello Cafetalk! My name is Adam Green, and I love teaching and communicating with language learners from all over the world. After teaching and traveling in many countries over the last 10 years, being part of Cafetalk is my way of visiting different parts of the world, without leaving home! Born and raised near the capital of America, Washington D...

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