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Fitness Trainer NESTA(全米エクササイズ&スポーツトレーナー協会)
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Nori Tutor Profile

Hi everyone, I’m Nori!

I’m a certified fitness trainer with NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association).
I offer at-home workout lessons here on Cafetalk based on my philosophy: find the best and most comfortable workout method that works for you. For my own sake, I try to find some time out of my busy work schedule as a businessman (I’m away for domestic/international business trips about ⅓ of a year!) to exercise in order to stay fit.

I know it’s hard to stick to a workout plan by yourself, please let me help you keep up your at-home exercise routine by sparing a little time out of your busy everyday life.  Never even used a gym?  No worries, I will teach you very easy and basic exercise methods.

My lesson is the best for those who are interested in muscle-building workouts, but have never tried/don’t know how to effectively do it.  I will create your personal at-home workout plan for:

  • Total beginners who don’t know what to do for exercising.

  • Those who exercise on a daily basis, but not sure whether they do properly and effectively.

  • Those who want to try workouts referred on magazines, DVDs, and Youtube, etc. but need instructions.

  • Those who don’t think they can keep up their workout routine alone.

  • Those who prefer working out alone at home, not at gym.

  • Those who are not motivated enough to go to a gym or have their own personal trainer...but want to start something for their health.

To keep myself updated as a fitness trainer, I try a wide variety of workout methods to examine its impacts and benefits, workout methods such as muscle-building training, functional training, high-intensity interval training, kettlebell, yoga, pilates, stretching, cardio exercises such as running.

I also focus on diet: I can give you advice on PFC (protein, fat, and carbohydrate)-balanced diet, low-carb diet, and fasting, etc.

The reason I’ve become a fitness trainer comes from my own health issue. I was struggling with my weight as a teenager.  My weight yo-yo’d until my 30’s.  It took me years to change my diet and start exercising. I weighed over 80kg at that time. Now I’m 42 years old, maintaining myself at 67kg and 11% body fat.  I thrive to stay in shape, hopefully I can even be better as I age. :)

I’m confident to provide you with fitness lessons with logical approaches that help you achieve your ideal body.  I know that my MBA degree will help me plan your most effective and beneficial daily workout plan.  Please leave it to me!

I look forward to working out with you online!

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