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Iván イバン Tutor Profile

Hello! こんにちは! Ola! A bit about me :-)

I feel like I have been teaching and correcting English my whole life. I am a very easy going, energetic, patient and friendly individual. I love meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures and I am an avid traveller of this amazing world we call Earth. Lover of cats, the arts, and life in general I have a lot of positive energy I would love to share with you!!

I have for the past year been a volunteer teacher at a local Japanese school in a private class style setting. Mainly with Japanese students, but also some Korean and Chinese students and others seeking to improve their English. I have received many positive reviews and have helped many students get closer to their goals! I hope to extend this to you!!

A little general background

My day to day experience, living in a multi-culture city like Vancouver, has given me constant exposure to people of all walks of life and native tongues. All my jobs in the past and currently have relied heavily on possessing great communication skills.

I have come to learn to enunciating my words, and speak just a little bit slower to help facilitate comprehension. My background has shaped me to speak a neutral English that is easier for people from a wider range of countries to understand.

On my many travels over the years it is a compliment that I have received over and over again, how much easier it is to understand my way of speaking the English language.

This is the kind of English I would like to teach you!

Let's Talk!!!

There is nothing better after learning all the theory than to have an actual conversation with a native English speaker to gel everything together into something you can actually use in a day to day conversation. There is no better substitute to help improve ones pronunciation than practicing directly with someone who can gently correct as the conversation progresses. One on one work with an English speaker is key to boosting your efforts to become a fluent English speaker yourself ;) Let's work together to improve your reading, speaking and listening proficiency.

My aim!!!

      • Create an environment where you the student can feel free to fully customize the lesson you want and the goals you want to achieve for that class or over a series of classes (help with school assignments, preparation for exam or interview, translating documents or audio, proofreading, reading aloud, general conversation, etc)
      • Help you improve your pronunciation by coming up with creative techniques to solve difficult linguistic blocks
      • Provide a gentle friendly approach to teaching where mistakes are welcomed as opportunities to learn and grow from

Let me help you reach your goal!! There is nothing I can think of that would be more gratifying than to help people learn a new language!

I look forward to meeting you soon. :-)

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