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Bachelor of Arts English Literature 2.1 (Hons.)
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Hello! My name is John, and I'm an English teacher in Toyama, Japan. I've worked here for 4 years and I've been an ESL teacher for around 6.

I've taught thousands of students in my time as a teacher, ranging from kindergarteners to retired people in their 80s. I have been primarily working as a junior high school teacher, but I've also done a lot of work teaching business English, test passing strategies (EIKEN/TOEIC/etc.), conversation, travel English, and things like that.

My main hobbies are photography, learning Japanese, and drawing. I especially like making pictures with photoshop. If you have similar interests, I'm sure we'll get along fine!
I'm happy to talk with people of all ages. Please let me know if you have any specific demands or questions. Thanks and I look forward to teaching you!

Thank you for your interest in my lessons!

My apologies, but unfortunately I am not currently offering Skype lessons for the time being.

I will be sure to make an announcement when I restart them.

Those of you who are interested in having proofreading done, please feel free to book a lesson in the usual way below.

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Q. Hi, johngallagher please introduce yourself! A. Hello! My name is John Gallagher, and I’m a professional English teacher from Birmingham, UK. I first became really interested with English when I studied English literature at university. I read lots of Shakespeare and Wordsworth, and enjoyed thinking about the different ways in which English could be used to elicit feelings and responses in peo...

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